What you will learn with this eBook

  • Five Popular Ragas for Kirtans

    Ragas Yaman, Bhairav, Bilaawal, Khamaj and Bhairavi

  • Terminology used in Indian Classical Music

    Raga, Thaat, Aaroh, Avroh, Vaadi,Samvaadi, Jaati, Pakad, Anuvaadi, Vivaadi, Sampoorna, Shadaav, Audav etc: meaning of these terms, translations and/or brief explanations.

  • Five Ragas and their MP3 Tracks.

    Aaroh (ascent), Avroh (descent), Pakad (Key phrase or motif), Vaadi (Sonant or dominant note), Samvaadi (consonant), Time, Mood/emotion, Jaati (number of notes) and brief descriptions

  • Notations

    Western notations and MP3s of one traditional composition in each raga called “Sargam” (melodic outline) which has no lyrics, only notes.

  • Kirtans

    Kirtans in all these 5 Ragas with western notations and MP3 tracks so that you can listen and practice.

  • Tips for composition

    After each Raga there is a special section explaining how you can compose Kirtans in these Ragas.

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  • 20 MP3 Files
  • High-res PDF Notations
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  • Indian Ragas for Kirtans eBook
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  • High-res PDF Notations
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  • Indian Ragas for Kirtans eBook
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  • Indian Ragas for Kirtans eBook
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What Kirtan Lovers Say About Kamini's Kirtans

“I am always mesmerized by Kamini’s music. She is a custodian of a long lineage of Indian Classical Music, more specifically devotional music. It’s a blessing that she is keeping the traditions alive and passing on the gift of music to us in these modern times. She has very masterfully created so many songs/chants for us to connect with the divine. Her artistic abilities transcend the devotional music genre; she is truly a world musician. I high recommend her music to relax and go deeper into our conversations with spirit.”
Arvind Chittumalla
Founder Moksha Festival
“I love Kamini’s beautifully melodic, soothing and unique voice. Her sonic compositions and vocal approach takes the listener on a wonder journey. Her music resonates in my soul and moves me. That is the point of music, right? To invoke emotion and passion. Kamini delivers.”
Michael Cutting
Musician, Producer
“Kamini’s voice is one of a kind and CELESTIAL.. her style of engaging the audience – allows non-singers like us who meditate – experience the majic and bliss of soul stirring kirtans – our hearts and souls get uplifted each time we attend her session.. We are so delighted to have these opportunities to attend her kirtans – thanks a ton from the bottom of our hearts..”
Rakesh Radhakrishnan
Kirtan Lover
"I met Kamini through a mutual friend as I was looking to do an album yoga and meditation music. We hit it off instantly. I was blown away by her lineage and depth of study. She took the songs I had composed and transformed them into something amazing. Her timing and vocal ability are both top notch for the Kirtan music genre. I look forward to working with her again in the future."
Ken Elkinson
Musician, Producer
"You can tell when people have a passion for what they do - Kamini sincerely has a passion for sharing her voice with the world. I brought her music with me on my travels to India and introduced my friends to it - they LOVED her rhythmic, soothing voice in traditional chants - she has such a fantastic range. Kamini is a superb musician, singer, and of course, friend! <3"
April Barron Tucker
Program Director/Owner at Eka Loka Yoga and Wellness, LLC
“Kamini is an amazing musician with such a soulful voice. I am always transported to a place of peace and joy when I attend her Kirtan events.”
Missy Arellano
Intuitive Health Coach

About the Author - Kamini Natarajan

… is one of the leading Indian Classical and Kirtan singers. Kamini comes from a family of musicians and started learning intricacies of ragas and complex Taala patterns since she was 6 yrs old. Her mother and her grandmother were her first teachers. She graduated in vocal Hindustani music. She started teaching music in 1997.

Kamini currently lives in Simi Valley, CA where she teaches, performs and records Indian Classical Music, Kirtans and World music. She is the organizer of Simi Valley Kirtan MeetUp Group. Her music is spiritual, mystical and simply engaging. She incorporates intricate ragas and traditional rhythm patterns - "Taalas" that lifts listeners into a higher state of consciousness- a state of pure bliss, away from day-to-day stress.

To read more about Kamini please visit her website at http://www.KaminiMusic.com

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