RELEASED: July 23, 2024
LABEL: Water Music
Tantra Lounge 3

The most progressive volume to date from Water Music’s Tantra Lounge series, the compilation is filled with dubby jazz and prog-electro styles paired with Asian instrumentation and vocals. From the very beginning of the album, tablas and sitars rock steadily with standard jazz instrumentation, transistor turntablism, and dubbed-out-downtempo drum loops. This style is also featured later with Mizter Koffy’s So Much Class. Water Music. 2005.

1. Deep Lotus – Naked Rhythm
2. Marrakesh – Angel Tears
3. Ghoom Charakhana (Talvin Singh ‘Future Sound Of India’ Mix) – Najma Akhtar
4. Fly To Bombay – Mazachigno
5. Sands Of Morocco (Tantra Lounge Remix) – Session Twelve
6. Midnight At The Bazaar – Zohar
7. Forbidden Love (Govinda Remix) – Omar Faruk Tekbilek & Steve Shehan
8. Devi-V – V-Ness
9. So Much Class – Mizter Koffy
10. Rebirth – MIDIval PunditZ Featuring Anoushka Shankar
11. Pink Elephant – Tetris
12. Nahan – Niyaz
13. Belly Disco – Karminsky Experience Inc.
14. Govinda Jaya Jaya (Mac Quayle Mix) – Donna De Lory

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