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New Album and Other Exciting News!

Exciting news! I am thrilled to announce the upcoming release of my new album, “Meera.” This album features 8 enchanting bhajans written by the 16th-century saint, Meera Bai, dedicated to Lord Krishna. Just in time for the joyous celebration of Janmashtami, a Hindu festival honoring Krishna’s birth, these heartfelt tracks beautifully explore a range of emotions. From devotion and surrender to love and longing, joy and apprehension, respect and gratitude, each bhajan immerses you in a divine journey. I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity as these bhajans hold a special place in my heart. It was my mother, Uma

September 4, 2023
Happy Shivaratri 2022

On the auspicious occasion of Shiva Ratri- the night of Shiva, let us celebrate life. It is a celebration of Shiva- the blue colored Hindu God depicted with a serpent around his neck. Shiva is the Param Yogi- the meditator with matted hair, with third eye, a crescent moon on his head, a small hand drum “Damru” in one hand and a trident “Trishul” in another. He is considered the destroyer of ego, evil and negative thoughts. As our world stands today, let us take this day to meditate upon our lives and lives of others we share our planet with.

February 28, 2022
Kamini Natarajan at Bhakti Fest 2020 Reunion
Bhakti Fest Reunion 2020 and Kirtan Album Release

Dear ones – Hope you are all well and safe.  As we approach August I look back at how quickly 2020 is going for me and my family ! January 2020, I was all excited for 2020 which turned into big shifts by mid- March ! I remember I was planning my daughter’s Birthday, planning for kirtan album release and hectically putting on final touches to art-work etc.  Of course nothing went as per my plan – however I am grateful that I was able to continue working and making changes to my plan and super grateful to be safe,

July 29, 2020
New Single Om Namo Bhagavate Releasing March 20th

Thrilled to announce the release of my NEW SINGLE Om Namo Bhagavate feat. Grammy nominated singer Jai Uttal !! Releasing World Wide and on Spotify March 20th 2020!

March 5, 2020
Welcome 2020 !

In one way if we think about it, it is just another day- another morning. Should we not feel excited about waking up every day to early morning sun? or should we reserve special days for celebrations? If we think about everyday as new and “exciting” will it really be that “exciting”? Maybe that is why there are certain reserved days where we get to “celebrate.”

January 4, 2020
2019 coming to an end !! Already ?

Dear friends, Can you believe it that 2019 is coming to an end already !! Where did all these 11 and a half months go? As I look back into 2019, I feel happy about all the new learning opportunities life presented to me. There were challenges and opportunities , there was joy and sorrow, there was excitement and lull – more importantly there was music, family, friends and in the end is that not what matters the most? This year marked several “First -Times” for me: My first visit to Germany, river cruise, First public dance performance in several

December 20, 2019
Fall 2019 at Kamini Music

It has been a GREAT fall at Kamini Music!!

My voice featured in a movie Child of Nature! It premiered recently at the Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival and won a special award. It was an awesome experience to hear my voice on the big screen. Thanks to Bruno Paddington for working with me on this project.

Earlier in September it was nice to connect with reporter Chris O’Neal of VC Star and talk to him about my world music band, Atmasandhi. Please read our interview ….

October 15, 2019
August- September 2019 at Kamini Music

I got back from a trip to Germany and India and feel nourished, pumped and motivated to start working on my music projects once again. These breaks are good- they let us re-evaluate our priorities, help us break our daily routines, give us time away from our usual 9-5:00. I am thankful to the universe for these opportunities and blessings. Now that I am back I have quite a few announcements to make!! Biggest one: I will be at Bhakti Fest this year !!!  September 25th-30th I was both touched and honored when I received an email from their team

August 6, 2019
Welcome Spring 2019 at Kamini Music

It has been so Green and nice here in Simi Valley CA with wild flowers blooming and the mother earth painting a beautiful landscape! I am loving it <3 I have been working on a few projects off line and will look to share some details with all of you soon.  However, there is one unique project that I completed with 2 super talented guys!! Music producer Bruno  @catriomusic and Tattoo Artist Joao Bosco @joaoboscoart If you haven’t heard to our first project please check: SKULLS SNAKES & the FLOWER of DEATH – THE CULT OF THE SERPENT On iTunes , Spotify, YouTube,

April 5, 2019
October 2018 at Kamini Music

Dear All, It is finally Fall ! Air is crisper, there is a slight chill in the morning, pumpkins everywhere from coffee to skin masks !  and I am loving it. We have lot of festivals around this time of the year and universally many different cultures celebrate at the same time. For Hindus we have two important festivals. Navaratri followed by Diwali  in November. In south India, in the state of Tamil Nadu where my family originally belongs to, we celebrate Navaratri- 9 nights of Goddesses by decorating clay and wood dolls on odd numbered steps. This is called

October 11, 2018
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