October 2018 at Kamini Music
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Dear All,

It is finally Fall ! Air is crisper, there is a slight chill in the morning, pumpkins everywhere from coffee to skin masks !  and I am loving it.

We have lot of festivals around this time of the year and universally many different cultures celebrate at the same time. For Hindus we have two important festivals. Navaratri followed by Diwali  in November.

In south India, in the state of Tamil Nadu where my family originally belongs to, we celebrate Navaratri- 9 nights of Goddesses by decorating clay and wood dolls on odd numbered steps. This is called “Golu” or “Kolu.” Every year I struggle creating these steps with whatever I have available but this year I bought a plant stand and assembled it for my Golu. I also don’t have traditional clay dolls so I and Shivali created our own miniature dolls – a temple, few people praying, a street vegetable vendor with vegetables, some musical instruments, 3 round guys having snacks 😊😊

navratri 2018

navratri 2018

I like how we can celebrate everyday things, experiences! For prasadam we make “Sundal” – made from cooked beans + fresh coconut – easy, healthy and yummy! Every day for nine days we will sing Devi bhajans, Aarti and make a new Sundal 💖💖



And now for event and other updates:

  1. Oct 12 @ Club Fais Do Do – MORE INFO
  2. Oct 13th @ Ventura Temple- MORE INFO
  3. Oct 27th Kirtan with Kamini – MORE INFO
  4. November 9th @ Republic of Pie- MORE INFO

Also our Harmonium and Kirtan lessons on Sunday Mornings are still on ! Please register if you want to learn playing Harmonium or want to learn Kirtan singing.

Have a FANTASTIC October and Fall season. Wishing you lots of love, no FALL 🙂 but even if you do FALL, remember how nature, leaves fall every season to come back, regenerate, re grow and bloom again! 🍁🍁


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