One thing that I love to do is to teach, train and help people sing. I started teaching music in 1997 and there is nothing in this world that gives me so much joy as to listen to my students singing, practicing and performing with confidence. I take pride in my music classes and my students are really precious to me. When you or your kid enroll for Music lessons with me, I take care to nurture your dreams of becoming a singer or to just improve your singing in general. I teach Vocal Hindustani Music which takes many years to master. I start with the very basics and train students on proper breathing techniques, Voice strengthening, Pitch perfection, Ear Training and of course Ragas.

If you are a non-Hindi speaker, I also include proper Hindi / Sanskrit pronunciation, meaning of lyrics, proper “aah” sounds that are so important for singing Indian music etc.

I offer group, semi-private and private lessons in person or on Skype. I am also working on creating digital learning course along with an e-book with major Ragas of Indian Hindustani Music. MP3s of course material and typed notes in English are always included with Class Fee.

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I grew up in the heart of India, the very central India, M.P. which is known for its tradition and for having one of the “Jyotirlingas” in India. I started learning Sanskrit first as part of my school curriculum but got deeply interested in it. I was also very fortunate to have an amazing Sanskrit teacher at school who made it extremely fun and exciting for all of us. She had us read different passages from Ancient sanskrit Scriptures and understand it.She made us realize that Sanskrit is not just an academic language. Sanskrit expands our consciousness. It has 50 distinct sounds that are scientifically arrange to invigorate every nerve channel. That is the reason when you chant for an hour you don’t feel the time, it energizes the body–
it recaptures the prana in the breath. When we typically talk we expel our prana- but it is different with sanskrit- it redirects the prana(life force) into the body.

If you are looking to deepen your Yoga practice and would like to learn Sanskrit please drop me a line or fill our this contact form. I offer Sanskrit lessons in person or on Skype. I also organize special Sanskrit workshops for Kirtan singers and Yogis. I am available to present a seminar on How Sanskrit can deepen Yoga Practice.

Indian Classical singing and Kirtans are two of my favorite music genres. I blend both together as Indian Ragas have been scientifically proved to benefit people with Depression, Anxiety, Blood Pressure issues, Sleep Problems etc. Kirtans have short “Mantras” or couplets. These mantras are repeated over and over. Typically the lead singer starts singing the Mantra slowly and builds in up to a higher tempo. By focusing on the rhythm and by singing these versus people experience freedom from stress.

I compose and write all the Kirtans that I sing. I arrange them in certain Ragas based on the mood and lyrics of the Mantra. I offer Workshops on Kirtan writing and composition, How to lead a Kirtan, Stories and interesting anecdotes behind Mantras, Various Hindu Deities, Hindu Festivals and significance, Kirtan Manta translations in English, How to correctly pronounce certain Mantras, How to use Mantra Sound and create melody, How to figure out Rhythm patterns etc.
I also offer Private, semi-private or group lesson for Kirtans. If you wish to learn more and lead Kirtans, please get in touch with me here: CONTACT ME

I also offer Nada Yoga sessions for groups, private parties or companies.A hidden treasure in the great path of yoga is a special practice known as “Nada Yoga,” the yoga of sound. Nada yoga uses sound, music, voice, breath and rhythm as a vehicle to meditation and purification of the nadis (subtle and vast web of energy channels and nerve passageways in the body). Indian classical music and its ancient tradition of Ragas (sacred scales) is a classical mode for practicing Nada Yoga. While meditating on the tones in different ragas, amazing transformations can happen.

Nada Yoga involves experiencing the subtle vibrations caused by the internal music and sounds of the body. By tuning in to these sounds, a practitioner is able to attain a state of complete silence and peace that naturally leads to access your inner sentiments and thoughts.

I lead participants into a light meditation to enhance our experience of receiving – through our ears and entire nervous system.Expect an extraordinary experience of a deeper and more expansive connection with Spirit that will bring you a deeper insight into your Self, your practice and your understanding of yoga.

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