DATE: February 14, 2015
TIME: 11:00 am
The Essence of Love – A Spiritual Valentines Day February 14, 2015

The Essence of Love * A Spiritual Valentines Day * Hollywood

Join us at the Universal Yoga Center which is at the Old Al Jolson Mansion right under Runyon Canyon in Hollywood.

Join Tim Delgado, Yogi Ramesh, and Kamini Nataraj as they brighten up your valentines day with wisdom, meditation and music and food..

Tim Delgado is an Alternataive Medicine Coach who bases his work on helping individuals with stress, anxiety and panic attacks. He will give a talk about relationships. Wether it’s business, family, friendship, or intimate relationships, it is important to learn your partners values because people are only loyal to their values. Tim will also go over the myths of relationships. When you loosen the grip on the myths and fantasies you allow the universe to bring you what you really want, not what you think you want.

Then Yogi Ramesh Pandey will lead a meditation for the Heart Center. Yogi Ramesh. Yogi Ramesh is a born Yogi from India.He started practing yoga at the age of 5 with his Guru Paramanda Maharaj in Himalaya mountain. Yogi belongs to a spritiual family in Lucknow (U.P.} India. His meditation will help you release any attachments you hold in your heart. More

We will finish with the vibrations of Kamini Nataraj.Kamini Natarajan is a Hindustani Classical Vocalist with specialized training in “Khayal” Gayaki. Kamini’s Musical journey began at a very young age and she spent over a decade learning Indian classical music ad won several National Level awards. She graduated in Vocal Hindustani music from Khairagarh University, India with Merit and Topped the University. Kamini is a graded artist from All India Radio (National Radio Station of India) and Doordarshan( National TV channel of India).We will meditate to her beautiful voice. More Info:

***Just Added Saheb Singh on the Tabla & Owen Green on the Oud!****

There will be light snacks served at the end. Come connect, receive and let go in this beautiful mansion in the hills of Hollywood.

Investment: $30
Adress and Access will be given once you RSVP!

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