DATE: August 31, 2019
TIME: 7:30 pm
LOCATION: Encinitas, CA
VENUE: Jyoti Mandir
Official Bhakti Fest Pre-Event: Kirtan with Kamini at Jyoti Mandir August 31, 2019

Join us for an evening of Joyful, Meditative Kirtan and Bhajans from the heart of India at Jyoti Mandir, Encinitas.

This is an Official Bhaktifest Pre-Event and we will be raffling off ONE TICKET TO BHAKTIFEST !! Don’t miss this chance to get a ticket to the BIGGEST Spiritual Festivals ! #bhaktifest

Kamini and team will present traditional style Kirtans based on Indian Ragas and guide participants through mantra chanting and singing response vocals often leading into “Nada Yoga”- a hidden treasure in the practice of yoga also known as the Yoga of Sound. Shruti (Sanskrit for “what can be subtly heard” and Laya (Sanskrit for “becoming fully absorbed with inner sound vibration) will be transmitted to participants via the form of classical raga. Ecstatic meditation will be the outcome.

Kirtan and Bhajan singer Kamini Natarajan will be accompanied by Manohar Gurung on Percussions.


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