DATE: June 6, 2015
TIME: 4:00 pm
VENUE: Crescent Bay C, Student Center, UCI
Naad Darbar – Raag Yaman/Kalyani June 6, 2015

SPICMACAY@UCI is delighted to cordially invite you all to Naad Darbar – Raag Yaman, an evening of classical presentations in Yaman. This is a spin-off from our previous Swar Taal Riyaaz venture and our aim is to share Indian Classical Music with fellow budding musicians at UCI and the Irvine community, in an informal, warm and amiable atmosphere.

PARKING: You will need to buy a parking permit ($2/hr) at the Student Center Parking Structure. Then you can park in the same structure (2 mins walk to the venue). Check the link to find these locations on a map.

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