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03/07/2017 UPDATES:
Indian Ragas for Kirtans an ebook containing 5 most used ragas for Kirtans, 20 MP3 tracks, Notations and guide is coming VERY VERY SOON !! Stay tuned for more info!!

Indian Ragas for Kirtans

Indian Ragas for Kirtans

My collaboration with Vartan Entertainment, an Armenian song “Tarela” has more than 340K Views on YouTube !! Thanks so much for all your love, kindness and support !!

I will playing live at EarthJam Fest at Three Rivers California on April 28th and 29th

I will also be doing a set of Kirtan and Meditation at Veg Fest 2017 in Balboa Park, CA on April 30th. I will be at the Mind-Body-Space area. Will look forward to meeting LA folks there !!

UNSPOKEN By my dear friend and SUPER Talented Michael Cutting was released recently on Jan 1st 2017 ! What a way to start the New Year! Yay!!! So EXCITED to see this wonderfully packaged CDs in mail. Awesome music and I am so thrilled to listen to my own voice on your song Karma 🙂 LOVE everything about CD – Songs, Lyrics, Vinyl like CD, guitar pick 💖💖 My 5 yr old said this is the BEST cd she has heard !! My FIRST Time ever listening to ROCK music 😊
You can buy your copy here:

I was very lucky to be a part of another totally different genre of music. I recently recorded audio and video with Vartan Taymazyan- a pop singer from Armenia. This song and music video will also be released sometime in Feb 2017.

I am offering my two Music Albums, Shiva Chants and Chants for Meditation for the price of ONE!! GET IT NOW!!

My CD Chants for Meditation is also now available on AMAZON.COM. Please click here to order yours !

My pet project, an e-book about Use of Indian Ragas in Kirtans is all set to hit the market in Mid January. This e-book covers brief history of Indian Classical music, has notations in both Indian and Western styles, has 5 traditional compositions in Ragas and 5 Kirtans in those Ragas. It contains audio clips to help readers listen, practice and learn these ragas and Kirtans. If you would like a quick preview of this e-book, please drop me a line and I will send you a preview file in pdf format for free !

I am also SUPER HAPPY to be working with Ken Elkinson again – this time on a indie movie project! Will keep all of you updated on that 🙂

I NEED YOUR HELP ! I have recorded, mixed and mastered a full length music album which is a fusion of Indian and Western beats- it has some dance numbers and some chill music to relax. I am looking for names !! I thought about these three: Ganges to Pacific, Maitri Groove, Devi Soundscape. Can you help me pick one ? do you have any other suggestions ? Would LOVE your feedback on this.

I have several performances lined up for 2017. Please take a look here on my events page. Click Here for Upcoming Events

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