Benefits of Kirtan singing
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Kirtan singing and chanting involves Yoga of Sound. Kirtan is an ancient technique that connects us to our inner selves, the Universe and our higher consciousness. It makes you feel more alive, fresh, peaceful and Happy. Like we need physical exercise for good health, we need chanting to nourish our souls, heart and spirit. When we listen to Kirtans or chants for meditation it deepens our Yoga Practice. Chanting and listening to chants for meditation empowers our mental and spiritual processes. It takes us into the deepest state of Yoga. Participating in Kirtans is one of the easiest ways to handle stress in our day-to-day life.

To chant is to repeat special vibratory sounds, mantras, or Divine Soul Songs for healing, rejuvenation, purification, and transformation of every aspect of life, including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

Why and How Chanting Works

For thousands of years, singing or chanting has been one of the most powerful spiritual practices for life transformation. Singing or chanting a mantra of a high level spiritual being carries the power of that being. Singing or chanting Divine Soul Songs is divine singing or chanting. It carries divine power. It really is very simple. It may be too simple to believe.

Chanting benefits every aspect of life. A human being could have issues in many aspects of life, including physical issues, emotional imbalances, mental imbalances, spiritual blockages, relationship challenges, financial challenges, and more. Chanting can greatly benefit all of these issues because it removes blockages on the level of soul, mind, and body. Soul blockages are bad karma. Mind blockages include negative mind-sets, attitudes, ego, attachments, and more. Body blockages include energy and matter blockages.

Kirtan is a spiritual gathering treasure. To chant and sing Kirtan is to gather spiritual fathers and mothers and, especially, the Divine to help transform any issues. Chanting mantras works because they carry soul frequency and vibration with love, forgiveness, compassion, and light. Soul frequency and vibration can transform the frequency and vibration of all life.

Love melts all blockages and transforms all life. Forgiveness brings inner joy and inner peace. Compassion boosts energy, stamina, vitality, and immunity. Light heals, prevents sickness, rejuvenates, prolongs life, and transforms relationships and finances, as well as every aspect of life.

Chanting Divine Soul Songs works because they carry divine frequency and vibration, with divine love, divine forgiveness, divine compassion, and divine light.

Ancient spiritual practitioners often chanted mantras for hours at a time. The longer we sing or chant, the longer divine frequency and vibration are transforming the frequency and vibration of our souls, hearts, minds, and bodies. The more we sing or chant, the more soul mind body blockages are removed. The more we sing or chant, the purer we become.

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