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I like to write sometimes. “Sometimes” bring the KEY WORD here:) I specially like to write about Music and Kirtans. Indian Classical music is so vast that I feel it helps to read some theory while learning it or even for general appreciation. I also like to write about Kirtans, chants, mantras and their meanings.

This space is reserved for all this and more exciting articles ! Happy reading !

  • What is Sanskrit – a language?

    What is Sanskrit – a language?

    I recently shared an article on Elephant Journal about Kirtan singing and how here in Southern California it seems like

  • Why are people drawn to Kirtan

    Why are people drawn to Kirtan

    Why are people drawn to Kirtan? For the past years, an increase in the number of people that seem to

  • Science behind Music

    What does science say about Kirtan and Chanting? Is there any scientific research to prove all the claims made by Kirtan

  • Benefits of Kirtan singing

    Kirtan singing and chanting involves Yoga of Sound. Kirtan is an ancient technique that connects us to our inner selves, the

  • Kirtan in Los Angeles

    Kirtan in Los Angeles

    Kirtan from other side of Pacific- Finding true meaning of Kirtan I still remember that day with overcast bluish-grey sky, sun

  • Raga Classification : Thaats

    Raga Classification : Thaats

    Ragas can be classified in lot of different ways, some of which I wrote about earlier. Another way of classification

  • Classification of Ragas

    Classification of Ragas

    Raga can be mistaken for modes or scales of western music but it is neither. A raga is a precise,

  • Notes, Octaves and Scale

    Notes, Octaves and Scale

    In my previous post, I described “Raga” the backbone of Indian Classical Music. Today I would like to delve deeper

  • Intro to Raga

    Intro to Raga

    Indian classical music, be it Hindustani (North Indian) or Carnatic (South Indian), is principally based on melody and rhythm. Raga

  • About Kirtans

    About Kirtans

    I come from a very strict Indian Classical music background. However, I LOVE singing Kirtans and sharing my music, singing

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